Megan Broyles



PATTERN Magazine

PATTERN magazine is a luxurious, over-sized, meticulously curated, award-winning, collectible biannual fashion, art and culture publication designed for a globally-minded, sophisticated audience. It is distributed nationally and internationally. The magazine gives a voice and provides exposure to up and comers, as well as established professionals, helping to bridge Midwestern values and aesthetic with the broader global community of creatives.

Twice a year, PATTERN launches a magazine that highlights the arts community of the Midwest with a primary focus on Indianapolis. Besides the magazine, PATTERN hosts events, monthly meetups, and runs a blog. 

In Summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to do an internship at the workshop as one of the in-house graphic designers. 



Stitching Together is a spread I designed for PATTERN Magazine Vol. 10. It highlights Fashion Incubator, a Chicago-based company dedicated to make the Midwest fashion industry more sustainable.

 PATTERN Magazine Vol. 10 received an ADDY award in 2017



This piece is a promotional postcard to gain more magazine subscribers. We teamed up with OSSIP to create a subscription card that duals as a coupon.