Megan Broyles

Food Truck



Yats is a cajun creole restaurant located in the heart Indianapolis among a few other new locations. Besides being one of my favorite eaterys, Yats’ quick service and simplistic menu makes it the ideal candidate for a food truck. Cajun creole is a popular cooking-style in Louisiana full of seafood, sausage, rice, and a plethora of spices. It is no surprise the owner of Yats, Joe Vuskovich, decided to bring the rich flavors of New Orleans to the Crossroads of America.

After conducting research, I concluded that showing the ingredients on the truck was the best way to showcase the mouth-watering food Yats has to offer. However, after being to Yats many times, I don’t deny that their food looks less than appetizing. A way to describe it would be brown, hot slop. Gross. My challenge was to find a way to make the truck look appetizing while still encompassing the ingredients. My design solution takes the common ingredients used in their dishes with the roux dripping all over the sides of the truck. This illustrative approach activates all sides of the truck, encouraging people to walk around it. It also immediately resolves any misconceptions that customers could get a salad or burger without taking time to examine the menu. For people who are undecided on what they would like to eat, the illustration is the perfect hook to get customers to examine the menu more closely, and potentially place an order.
The menu board was challenging because their current menu is a handwritten chalkboard without any hierarchy or organization. Without proper instruction, first-timers could be quite confused on how to order. Yats has a list of different menu options with everything served over rice and Cajun bread however, you can get a full plate, a half plate, or half and half. I was inspired by Panda Express’s use of icons to inform people the differences between a bowl and plate. I created icons explaining the different sizes customers could order with pricing below. This will eliminate any confusion in the ordering process.